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pillole di stoicismo romano: Epitteto e Marco Aurelio

Ciao a tutti,

il pensiero stoico di oggi, per gli appassionati del genere.



APRIL l6 – AS a traveller inquires the road of the person he meets,  without any desire for that which turns to the right hand, more than to the left; for he wishes for neither of these, but that only which leads him properly.  Thus we should come to God as to a guide. Just as we make use of our eyes, not persuading them to show us one object rather than another, but receiving such as they present to us. But now we hold the bird with fear and trembling, and, in our invocations to God, entreat Him, “Lord, have mercy upon me : suffer me to come off safe.” You wretch! would you have any thing, then, but what is best? And what is best, but what pleases God? Why do you, as far as in you lies, corrupt your judge and seduce your adviser?   E. D. ii. 7, 3. (dalle Diatribe di Epitteto).


Questo volume di pensieri stoici, uno al giorno per un anno, è stato digitalizzato ed è disponibile liberamente su W.H.D. Rouse, Words of ancient Wisdom (ed. del 19o6, Methuen & Co).

Buona continuazione di fine settimana.